Think of us as your very own personal support group; because that's exactly what we are.

We come from all over the world with a keen interest to provide support for our peers. Members of ISAC consist of international students (both familiar and unfamiliar with the United States), American citizens, and leaders of student organizations. Not only are we diverse in cultural background, but we're also a group of many unique personalities.

The International Student Affairs Council is a branch of the Student Government Association. We are the voice and ears of the international student minority in Radford. Our mission is to make this an easy transition into college and the USA, and to bring together the RU community - international and non-international alike.

Our responsibilities include:

- To responsibly represent international students' opinions.
- To represent international student needs and concerns as related to university policies and services.
- To cooperate with university attempts in the recruitment and retention of international faculty/staff
   and students.
- To keep international students informed through the various student representatives.
- To discuss problems arising in the international student population.
- To act and respond to all proposals that directly affect the international student population.
- To evaluate regulations and services and recommend any changes deemed necessary for dealing with
   international student concerns.
- To make international students aware of the services provided by the SGA and the University.
- To facilitate the coordination of activities of the organizations listed in section C.1.e
- To seek to unite the international and non-international students at this University.
- To make appointments to SGA councils and committees as designated.
- To foster international students involvement in the community.
- To perform all other duties granted by SGA executive officers or the SGA President.

Taken from the Student Government Association Constitution
Radford University