claytor lake cookout
Every year, as ISAC's first social event, we go to Dr. Hawley's house which is right on Claytor Lake. With good food and good friends, you'll be missing out if you're not there. This event is on the first weekend after the fall semester begins and it's a great chance for you to get to know other international students like yourself.

oasis fest '06
The Oasis World Market holds a festival once a year with live music, food, and fun! Good news: we're going! It's the perfect time to check out the international grocery store for hard-to-find foods you can't get anywhere else.

international education week
The third week of November is The National International Education Week. There will be many events focusing on the study abroad and learning a different language.

bisset park soccer & bbq
When the weather is warm we have cookouts at Bisset Park which is located just a few minutes from campus right on the New River. Eating, playing pick-up soccer, and laying out in the sun with friends are a few things we do.

shopping at the NRV mall
With stores like American Eagle, Victoria's Secret and PacSun, this mall is the ideal place to shop. There is also a mall in Roanoke (located 45 minutes away)

the great outdoors
ISAC wants to expose students to the beautiful area surrounding Radford University. We can go tubing up the New River, hiking at the Jefferson Cascades, and other fun outdoor activities including some hosted by RU Outdoors.

d.c. trip
D.C. has lots of places to shop, museums to explore, restaurants to taste, and a large mixture of people to see -- and we're going to do it all! We'll see the Washington monument, the National Zoo, Lincoln Memorial, the U.S. Capitol Building, the National Museum of the American Indian, and Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum! The nightlife in Georgetown and shopping at Tyson's Corner, the coolest mall in Virginia is waiting for us too!

international week
The greatest week of all! Not only do international students have a chance to learn about various cultures around the world, but American students do too. Every day has a different theme - whether by country or by continent. There's food, music, performances, and activities. This is a time for us to show our campus where we come from and what is "home" to us. The last event of the week is the International Banquet. It's a huge hit every year and this year will mark out 15th one. Over 300 students, faculty, and Radford community fill the banquet hall for live and invigorating performances and a very long international buffet prepared by students in ISAC as well as our friends.