First of all, have you gotten yourself a Host Family?


moving in
This is an exciting time for students at RU. Everyone is getting settled in, whether they're in a dorm or an apartment off-campus. The most convenient place to go for all of your campus-living needs. Wal-Mart has lighting, rugs, bedding, and storage bins. It's also a grocery store with everything from milk to meat. About 20 minutes away is a Target and TJ Maxx.

getting to know RU
building codes, ru campus map

getting involved
visit the student activities office to learn about the different student Organizations. There is also the student activities calendar to find out what events are going on in Radford.

mom's cooking
Oasis World Market is an international grocery store that has rice, curry, peppers, kimchi, spices, rice noodles, injera, coconut milk, and anything else you need! Oasis is in Blacksburg and that's 20 minutes away from Radford. No car? Just send us an email and we will find you a ride.

weekend fun
physical activities: hiking, camping, ru outdoors.

campus loop, Home Ride